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Neighborhood Preservation Partnership

What is the Mercy Midtown Neighborhood Preservation Partnership?
Mercy Midtown Neighborhood Preservation Partnership is a program operated by Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas County that offers home repair services for homeowners who live in the 22nd Street South corridor in St. Petersburg. The program is modeled after other successful neighborhood preservation partnerships and is intended to compliment other initiatives that are currently strengthening economic and resource development in the Midtown area.

What kind of home repair services does the partnership offer?
Home repair work offered includes:

  • “Aging in Place” Modifications: ramps or accessibility upgrades designed to accommodate physical mobility limitations
  • Critical Home Repairs:  roof replacement,  plumbing, electric, structural repairs
  • Energy Efficiency Upgrades: insulation, HVAC
  • Exterior Enhancements:  paint, landscaping

What will I be required to do if I qualify for the partnership?
Homeowners qualifying for the program will be required to participate in their home repairs work in a process known as “sweat equity.”  Hours will vary from 10 - 25 based on the scope of the work.  Sweat equity work will be tailored to suit the homeowner’s physical abilities.

Are the repairs free?
Like Habitat's program that partners with families to provide affordable homeownership opportunities through a sweat equity commitment and a 0% interest mortgage, likewise the Neighborhood Preservation Partnership offers homeowners the opportunity to partner with Habitat to obtain affordable repair services.

Homeowners will be provided a 0% interest loan to cover the cost of materials used in the repairs. The loan payment will be tailored to ensure affordability for the homeowner. (Labor for repair work is free and provided by Habitat staff and community volunteers.)

Do I qualify for this program?
You must meet the following criteria:

  • Have legal ownership of your home
  • Fit a specific income range. (Click here to review income chart.)
  • Have a need for any of the home repairs listed above.
  • Live within the program area. (Click here to see program map.)

How do I apply?

  • Complete the Pre-Qualification Form (Click here to download form) or get a copy of the form by calling 727-536-4755, or by stopping by the Habitat office.
  • After reviewing your form, Habitat staff will contact you. If you may be eligible for the program, we will request to visit your home.
  • At the home visit, we will evaluate the requested repairs to determine if they fit within the home repairs services that we are able to offer.  And we will request that you complete a more detailed application providing ownership and income documentation.
  • Following the visit, the application will be reviewed by a committee to determine eligibility.
  • If your application is approved, we will work with  you to create a scope of work and a schedule,and to sign loan and contract documents.

Click here for our Neighborhood Preservation Partnership brochure!
If you'd like more info, please email us or call 727-536-4755.