We’ve Built 388 Habitat Pinellas Homes for 1014 Children and Funded 348 Homes Overseas.

HYLP Habitat Young Leaders and Professionals

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Our Mission:

Through our collective resources, Habitat Young Leaders & Professionals of Pinellas County (HYLP) fully supports Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas County and its mission. By organizing young professionals and creating adaptive change in our community, we give back to and strengthen our community. In concert with Habitat Pinellas, we work toward the elimination of substandard housing.


Vision Statement:

We believe in strengthening common bonds, creating networking opportunity, promoting healthy relationships, and fulfilling community values.

We will focus on organizing young professionals in Pinellas County; provide leadership opportunities, meaningful social and volunteer activities, and the creation of corporate and individual partnership initiatives.

We are committed to our relationship with Habitat Pinellas and their effort to address future housing, social and economic needs of our community.



HYLP membership is restricted to individuals who have attained twenty-one (21) years of age. HYLP is intended to serve members from 21 to 41 years of age, but no age limit is established. 

HYLP membership is open to any and all individuals, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or religion, who:

  1. Identify themselves as young leaders and/or professionals;
  2. Identify themselves as devoted and motivated individuals; and
  3. Share in HYLP's mission and vision and strive to effect positive change in our community




  • Build relationships with peers from companies and organizations in your local area
  • Connect with a diverse population of young professionals who live, work and play in the Tampa Bay


  • Practice charity, become socially active, be supportive of and contribute to economic development and improved quality of life in our community
  • Involvement through service, leadership and advocacy with a common mission and vision


  • Improve or develop acquaintances, network inspire, motivate and mentor
  • Leadership opportunities and development of skills and interests


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