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Donate Items to the ReStore

Support Our Mission and Help the Environment
Habitat ReStore accepts new and gently used construction items, home improvement products and furniture that is in good, working condition. Donating to the ReStore is a GREEN way to help your community. Last year, the ReStore spared nearly 800 tons of good, usable (sometimes brand new) materials from the Pinellas County landfill.

Check out this fun video on how a donated doorknob helps Habitat do more!

Basic Donation Guidelines
All donations are accepted at staff discretion. Here are our considerations:

  • Residential - Must be intended for use in or have application in residential construction, improvement or maintenance. Nothing labeled or specifically configured for industrial, professional or commercial use only.
  • Structural - Must be structurally sound to perform its intended use. Nothing broken, missing, worn-out or otherwise “falling apart.”
  • Functional - Must be in working condition. No disabling damage, nonfunctioning components or in any way inoperable.
  • Cosmetic - Must have an acceptable appearance.

How to Donate

  • Don’t hesitate to contact us ahead of time if you are unsure if your item meets our guidelines or if you have something that is NOT on our list that you think would be of value to our customers.
  • Drop off donations up to 1/2 hour before closing.  Click here for business hours.
  • Free pickup service for larger approved donations. We can usually pickup these larger donations within a week. We are unable to haul away trash, and some donations may be declined because of safety concerns, facility limitations or marketability. Contact us today to schedule a pickup.
  • Deconstruction Services -  Demolishing an existing home? Avoid additional trash hauling and disposal fees while receiving a tax deduction.

Current Items Needed
Although we always accept a wide range of items, we are especially  in need of the following:

  • Working Appliances
  • Kitchen and Bath Cabinets (no dishwashers accepted)
  • Windows
  • Flooring
Deconstruction is the process of hand-dismantling rooms and buildings to salvage useable items, like cabinets, appliances, lighting & plumbing fixtures, doors & windows, etc. These items are then re-sold at our ReStore.  The ReStore deconstruction crew can provide this service for free on future demolition projects only.  If you are remodeling, we recommend you have your contractor deconstruct the reusable items and have the ReStore pickup for free. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a deconstruction or pickup.  Contact us today.
Why Choose Deconstruction?
  • Save Money - Tax deductions and reduction of trash hauling and disposal fees, will reduce your overall project costs. Plus, our deconstruction service is free. Even if you pay a fee to your contractor to deconstruct, instead of demolish, you will still save on the cost of your project.
  • Save Our Environment - Reduce the environmental impact by removing reusable items instead of disposing them in our local landfills.
  • Help Our Community - By supplying the ReStore with quality building materials that can be resold to the public, you can help Habitat raise money to build homes for families in Pinellas County.

Additional Donation Information
Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas County is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and all donations receive a tax-deductible receipt. Please refer to this IRS publication for guidance on tax-deductibility and valuing donations. Consult a tax professional with questions on your individual situation.